Welcome to e64.us!

This is the personal website of Walter Macfarland aka Epitaph64. You can read more about me here.

Web Development Projects

Error Correction Coding Laboratory Website

Hired to overhaul the ECCL website, I've worked on numerous feature and security improvements to the site over the past year. A few notable ones are a permissions and user management system, a BibTex parser using regular expressions which is capable of correcting small syntactical errors, and PDO prepared statements when appropriate to better protect against SQL injection.

Cookies Boutique Website

An e-commerce website I am working to create with a client in the Tucson area. The site is built using Wordpress and WooCommerce for the basic shop functionality, with a child theme based upon Canvas created to suite the client's needs.

Game Programming


A bomberman clone I created while learning Java back in 2009. The code has been moved from Google Code to Github due to the close of Google Code.

Fishy Reticulum

A small game a friend, AlexanderZero and I built together in 48 hours for a Mini LudumDare event.

JPlatformer, and platforming games in general

My journey to create a platformer game with "fun" physics.

SFML Artillery Game

A simple artillery simulation I wrote in C++ with the great free game library SFML one weekend. Features some random heightmap generation for the terrain, procedural texture for the terrain, and simple vector based physics.

Planetary Survival

A super simplified dwarf fortress clone which I worked on with Jordan Fitzpatrick and two other students during an object oriented programming and design course my junior year of college. I worked primarily on the GUI, map generator, and pathfinding systems.

Hangman in Haskell

A (may I call it riveting?) tale of my brief but enjoyable experimentations with the Haskell programming language.

LaTeX Templates

Q/A Homework Template

A simple homework template for pdfLaTeX which allows usage of a simple function to organize questions and answers in a convenient way.