Firefox Volunteer Development - October 2019

development, firefox, open source

I recently downloaded and built the most recent Mozilla Firefox (version 71) code in order to maintain my skills in working with larger code-bases and contribute back to the community. I was surprised and joyful with the fast and simple build process that the project uses (building from source without a clobber operation takes <2 minutes on my machine.)

I decided on adding a simple feature to the project in order to learn the ropes: a dark theme for the 'View Source' page (accessed by right-clicking on any site and selecting 'View Page Source'.) Below is the BugZilla official request for enhancement I submitted after completing the primary feature development:

Firefox 71 Dark Theme

Also, while developing this feature I stumbled upon a minor bug in the 'View Source' page which I reported to the project:

If no one responds to this bug report, I'll likely investigate a fix as I've already familiarized myself with the associated code. That could be coming soon if I have the spare time.