Plant Journaling

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The Story

I've been thinking about creating some basic software for my purposes of tracking the evolution of my indoor gardening experiments. To preface why I would want to do such a thing I should say that I began by buying a few small dracaena deremensis (a cultivar of the species dracaena fragrans) and sansevieria plants one day after being given a gift card to a home improvement store.

I decided to approach the process of growing the plants as scientifically as possible (given my training as a computer science major.) Because of this, and the general hardiness of those two plant species I had decent success (apart from some kitty training that had to take place as my cat had never seen living plants as an adult.) Those plants grew much taller as a result of the leaf damage that they sustained. Luckily my cat was also fine as a result of gnawing on the leaves as she didn't eat them only wanted to taste or damage them perhaps.

I have since purchased and grown a few types of plants from seeds in the ~3 months or so since then. For my bedroom I purchased two medium sized plants; a boston fern (nephrolepis exaltata) and a dracaena marginata (also known as dracaena reflexa.) I'm also attempting to grow blue lake pole beans, peppermint, lemon balm, and a bird's nest fern (you can tell my addiction was sudden and severe.) Overall, I have found this new hobby to be extremely enriching and enjoyable. I already am thinking of plans for what I plan to grow this winter and next spring.

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Artistic Plants

Outdoor Blue Lake Pole Beans Dragon Tree
Boston Fern Indoor Blue Lake Pole Beans