Writing Music with Reaper and Komplete 10

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I recently purchased a copy of Komplete 10 as the DAW I use (Reaper) doesn’t include that many VSTis, and it comes with no sampled instruments at all. My first foray into commercial music production software was the purchase of ValhallaDSP’s ValhallaRoom which greatly improved the overall sound I was able to get out of the free VSTs I had found and used up to that point. However, once I bought PianoTeq 5 I realized just how much better commercially produced VSTis could sound.

Eventually I decided upon buying Komplete 10, as it seemed to come with a great variety of VSTis and VST effects. I’ve since spent a good deal of time with it, and I’ve probably only explored about 20-30% of what it has to offer. Below I’ve included two of my most recently made songs using this software.

Note: These songs require HTML5 to play. However, you can find them on my Newgrounds Page which uses a flash based audio player.

Breakdown Lest You Crumble

Someday We’ll Feast At Dawn